Spanish for Babies and Toddlers



Mondays in West Hampstead

St James Church, Sherriff Road,
London NW6 2AP
020 7625 1184

Upcoming Term Mon 6th January to Monday 22nd March 2020

Half Term: Mon 17th March 2020



Frequently Asked Questions

Is my baby too young?

Never ! From birth infants make no distinction between music, language, singing and speech, and children can imitate the rhythm of a language long before saying the words.

Why singing and signing?

With singing, young children can imitate and reproduce other languages with perfect pronunciation.
With signing, meanings are absorbed subliminally,without having to think about translating

Do I need to be able to speak Spanish?

Not at all. We introduce you gradually to the songs and you learn along side your little one ! What better way of learning languages together!

My toddler is really shy..

Shy is fine. There is no pressure to join in, but you will hear at home that your little one has been listening and watching. One mum tells me that every night her little girl starts singing in Spanish, although she won’t in the sessions

How does your programme fit in with the EYFS?

We are fully aligned with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and will contribute to developing each child’s emotional and social confidence, as well as their literacy, language, knowledge and understanding of the world, physical and expressive arts development.

Could you come and do this at my nursery/preschool/school?

Of course! Just ask, or fill out the contact form

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